With the announcement of the long awaited lease accounting rule changes, lessees and lessors now face the challenge of getting their lease information organised and ready for more detailed reporting. Even without the rule changes, there are compelling reasons why your leases should be better controlled. LS2 is the third system we have developed to help you to manage your lease portfolio. Unlike any other, it can be profiled to contain exactly what you want and need to see, in one place and for all asset types. It can then be adjusted at any time as your ideas and needs inevitably change, but can also be customised to meet any unique requirements. In essence, it is an 'off the shelf bespoke system'

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We have more than 24 years' experience in managing lease portfolios and have applied that knowledge to developing LS2, for you to better handle your own leases in-house. We can also help with lease collation; portfolio analysis; lease arrangement and contract negotiation if you wish.

LS2 contains everything for your leases and rental agreements, together with related or general contracts. Your authorised users can access centralised records, including documents, notes, processes, notice alerts, reminders and reports, from anywhere in the world, at any time.
It has been designed by users for users bringing a simple and practical approach to working with leases day-to-day. However, beneath the surface is a very complex and powerful system with extensive calculations and detailed reporting capabilities for all asset types.

LS2 is an 'off the shelf bespoke system' and not a 'one size fits none' solution. We profile and set everything up for you, with all of the information you currently use, whilst adding anything else that you would like to include.  This gives a starting point of exactly what you want, but with the comfort of knowing that the system can change and grow with you at any time. There is also unlimited capacity to customise and add functionality to meet unique requirements.

With the unique flexibility and agility of LS2, imagination is the only possible limitation!


We will progressively keep you updated with details of client success stories, to help you to understand our credentials.

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Samsung now using LS2!
We are delighted to include Samsung as a new LeaseSolution client.
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Over recent months, we have held back from providing updates on the continued delay in announcement of the lease accounting rule changes.
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